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You have spent countless hours building a business concept, cultivating your ideas, and have finally taken the leap of faith in starting your new business.

This is the perfect time to hire a public relations agency. In the early stages of your business, a PR firm will help build a positive reputation with your prospective clients. As your business grows, we work to help maintain that great reputation or mitigate damaging information.

Many people confuse Public relations and advertising. While they both work to get your business out to the public they work in completely different ways. Advertising is the process of telling people what you can do for them and trying to sell them a service or product. PR is the relationship building that grows a deeper sense of connection. When a public relations agency is successful, a client feels more connected to your brand or product. This connection builds a stronger bond between your brand and your customer. This makes the customer more likely to choose you over a competitor because they feel personally connected.

In addition to relationship building, public relations agencies work closely with the media to get your story out using free avenues. These could be press releases or news about the good you are doing in the community. You pay for their connections and brand building skill where with advertising you are paying for space on a page or time on the television or radio.

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